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"Hard to believe a two piece could produce such a thunderous and melodic sound. The future is bright for Lost in a Name and if you love music with an edge and heartfelt lyrics then you owe it to yourself to give these guys a chance" --Josh aka Skeet Almighty Host of Skeetopia

“…An exceptionally talented band to say the least. Lost In a Name truly have a gift for songwriting and playing music in general, and they definitely deserve a listen.” –

"Lost in a Name is a real rock band, not posers attempting to make rock music, mimicking what they’ve heard before. This band plays rock from the heart…"

“…With style that both reminds you of what’s good about our scene, while still having a unique style of their own.” –

"There is a really good cross section of influences that help create that catchy, guitar-driven shred-rock sound of Lost In A Name." - Maggie Sapet of the Australian Musician Network

“This two-piece got students up and dancing. In all the shows I’ve seen at Carroll, Lost In A Name is the only band to get people on their feet.” - Carroll College Prospector

“With their interactive light show, Lost In A Name put on one of the most exciting shows on campus all year.” - University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s The Fourth Estate