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"...these guys are hard to forget...How Razor & Tie haven’t scooped this duo up yet is a mystery."
-- InForty

"...Lost's memorable "Silence" still rocks loud and hard." -- JSOnline

"And the sophomore album for Lost In A Name is not a push over either..." "...I encourage any hard rock lover to go check out their work..." -- Head-Banger Reviews

"It’s hard to believe that this group is a two piece!" "The group really mastered their mix of hard rock with a melodic layer." -- Aliiivemag

"...this ten track album truly flies by. packed with songs that are well written and well performed." -- Mind Noise Network

"Hard to believe a two piece could produce such a thunderous and melodic sound. The future is bright for Lost in a Name and if you love music with an edge and heartfelt lyrics then you owe it to yourself to give these guys a chance"--Josh aka Skeet Almighty Host of Skeetopia

“…An exceptionally talented band to say the least. Lost In a Name truly have a gift for songwriting and playing music in general, and they definitely deserve a listen.”

"Lost in a Name is a real rock band, not posers attempting to make rock music, mimicking what they’ve heard before. This band plays rock from the heart…"

"There is a really good cross section of influences that help create that catchy, guitar-driven shred-rock sound of Lost In A Name." - Maggie Sapet of the Australian Musician Network

“This two-piece got students up and dancing. In all the shows I’ve seen at Carroll, Lost In A Name is the only band to get people on their feet.” - Carroll College Prospector

“With their interactive light show, Lost In A Name put on one of the most exciting shows on campus all year.” - University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s The Fourth Estate

~ Music played on major networks:

  • ABC
  • The Travel Channel
  • WWE - Theme song for Tony Nese "Buried In The Static"
  • The Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Indie Films

~ Current tour with Austin John Winkler (former Hinder lead singer)
~ Nationwide Lost In A Name tours
~ Co-wrote "Avert the Apathy" with Clint Lowery of Sevendust



Lost In A Name sure isn’t your indie rocker’s two-piece band. Instead of scruffy garage rock, the visionary guitar/vocal and drum duo mines rousing metal anthems bursting with infectious choruses, lush instrumentation, dazzling musicianship, and lyrics crackling with fiery emotionality.

“I like to write about self-discovery and self-motivation, and those moments when you’re down but still fighting for your dreams,” shares singer/guitarist Danny Schmitz.

The twosome’s latest self-titled EP is a declaration of focused artistry with seven songs that brim with just enough hooks for pop fans, and the right amount of heft and chops to ensnare metal and heavy music fanatics.

Since 2006, Lost In A Name founder Danny Schmitz has nurtured his innovative blend of metal, progressive rock, modern rock, and pop. He later found the perfect creative ally in drummer Geoff Slater who has become a brother figure in his life. Together, the pair has created an irresistible aesthetic that feels as fresh as metal groundbreakers like A Day To Remember, Sevendust, Periphery, and Coheed And Cambria.

In performance, Lost In A Name dazzle audiences with a boundary-pushing light show and virtuosic airtight musicianship that combines live playing with lush loops and backing tracks for a multi-sensory musical extravaganza.

Lost In A Name has earned the respect of modern metal vanguard artists. The duo has been handpicked to be the touring backup band for former Hinder singer Austin John Walker, and the pair has co-written songs with Clint Lowery of Sevendust.  Lost In A Name has also garnered prime synch placements on ABC, The Travel Channel, WWE Network (Tony Nese’s theme song), The Food Network, HGTV and within various indie films.

The pair’s lineup came out of necessity rather than by design. Over the years, many musicians fell by the wayside either unable to keep up as instrumentalists, or unable to share in Schmitz’s unique embrace of both niche metal and widely accessible pop. The group’s current release is its first as a power duo.

Lost In A Name’s eponymous EP is a compendium piece for new and old fans. The 7-track release features three previously releases singles—“Cloaked In The Sun,” “Yesterday,” and “Terrified”—an acoustic version of the single “Yesterday,” and three new songs, including the stunning “Blinded By The Days.”

The galvanizing single “Cloaked In The Sun” pairs climax-building anthemics with cathartic choruses showcasing tasty melodies and subtle displays of jaw-dropping instrumental prowess. “That song is one of the most meaningful I’ve written. It’s about a friend’s struggle with cancer, and about him sitting in a hospital bed scared and finding out who his true friends are as some people in his life disappear,” Schmitz shares. On “Terrified,” Schmitz addresses paranoia and depression with haunting beauty—the track also highlights drummer Geoff Slater’s dexterous double bass drumming.

The freshly written and recorded track “Blinded By The Days” peeks into the future for the band, coming off as Lost In A Name 2.0. The track showcases the band’s musicality many steps further, the guitars are heavier with thrashy passages, the vocals are gloriously urgent, the slow-burn textures are even more detailed and intricate with counter melodies and chiming guitars, and the chorus is goose-bump inducing in sheer emotional power.

Up next, the guys are keeping with their boldly innovative spirit by planning a series of house concerts, something traditionally reserved for folk and roots acts. “We want an intimate relationship with our fans,” says drummer Geoff Slater.  “Connecting with people keeps us going.”