Welcome to the new Lost In A Name 2.0!

What’s up dudes and dudettes!? Welcome to the new Lost In A Name 2.0. We have a new logo, merchandise, website, and an EP coming out real soon. Check out our brand new single “Blinded By The Days” which will be on said EP. You can listen to it right here on the site. 

We have also been working out a way to play live more often. You see, I (Danny) moved to New York after our last summer tour almost two years ago. A lot of people figured we were down and out. BUT, I didn’t move to New York to end the band, quite the contrary in fact. We have adjusted how we practice, write, and do band business stuff, and with crazy cool technology like Skype, we are still able to do all of those things together. 

We’ve also been touring in Austin John’s (Ex. Lead singer of Hinder) band, which has taken up a bit of our time. However, Lost In A Name has always remained, and still is, our number one priority. That said, we feel we owe it to everyone who has stuck with us over the years, and have figured out a way to bring our live show directly to you, in your living room! 

We have a unique way to still play live with our entire light show, but keep the volume low enough so as not to get the cops called, all in the comfort of your living room! (or basement, patio, dungeon, etc.) The living room shows we’ve played already have been some of our favorite shows to date. We love playing in such an intimate setting and getting to know our fans more personally. Also, beer at clubs can be really unnecessarily expensive. (We prefer to buy good craft beer and drink it on the cheap in a safe environment.)

If you’re interested in having us bring our whole show to your living room, and putting on a concert for all your friends and family, hit us up at lostinaname@gmail.com and lets set it up! Also, please take a look around the new site, check out the new single ‘Blinded By The Days’ and let us know what you think. 

As always, we love you, and we are ramping up to have a really productive next 6 months and beyond. We are really excited to release our new EP and play shows again. See you guys all soon! (probably at your mom’s house!)


Danny and Geoff

Lost In A Name