Living Room concert guide

Are you ready to be part of a unique concert experience... in your living room (or home)?

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What is a "Living Room" Concert?

Lost In A Name plays a LIVE show in your home. We provide a PA,
an amazing light show, gaggles of entertainment and noise will be
kept low enough that your neighbors won’t call in a noise

What kind of space is needed?

A space where your friends can gather to relax, have a good time,
rock out and enjoy a live show. Living rooms, basements, decks,
backyards, garages… small houses, large houses, condos. Any
space that is yours, we can make work!

Who should be invited?

We recommend a minimum of 20 attendees. In our donation based
concert model, this is the attendee number where it starts making
this a financially viable night for us. This can be friends, relatives,
neighbors, co-workers… that weird guy down the street.

Try and invite double the amount of people you want there. If you
want 20 people, invite 40. Be sure to ask them to RSVP. Attendance
is always higher when people RSVP.

Be up front with your guests that this is a Donation Based Concert.
This will ensure that people know a donation is expected.

What if I can’t commit to 20 attendees…
• You can co-host with a friend or relative!
• If you prefer, you can pay us an up-front guarantee, this way
you don’t need to be concerned or stressed with asking for


As noted above, this is a donation-based model. We play for
donations from your guests to help cover the costs of us playing. If
this doesn’t seem like something you and your guests would be
comfortable with, please let us know and maybe we can work on
an alternative. In addition to the donations, we would also need to
have a little space somewhere in the room to sell t-shirts, CDs, and
occasionally bootlegged, black market human kidneys. Hey… we
have to cover our costs somehow.

When can I book a show?

We are flexible with our dates. Wednesday – Sundays are usually
the best, but we would love to rock with you any day of the week!
Send through some available dates you are available and we can
work with you on a schedule.

If there is a specific event, on a specific date, that you would like to
have us there for, we would love to be a part of it!

How do I book a show?

Email us: